Chris and Emily are an awesome team of skilled professionals at aligning your body the way it was meant to be. They carefully evaluate you including x-rays if needed. The staff is friendly and I highly recommend these guys!
— Matt L.
After a month of physical therapy with maybe 10% improvement on my herniated disk symptoms, I switched to Dr. Nelson. In just one visit I was walking with a straight back and much less pain. I’m still on the mend but I’m finally healing! I would recommend Optimal Chiropractic without hesitation.
— Daniel W.
Thank you so much Optimal for taking care of my needs after an automobile accident. The staff is super friendly and truly have your goals and needs in mind. They don’t overcharge or put you on some on-going maintenance plan that you don’t need. If you ever need anything chiropractic related, this is the place to go. Thank you again for getting me back to pre-accident condition. Oh and they do DOT physicals as well!
— Fred M.
We collaborate with Optimal Chiropractic in helping people with spine care pain. The feedback from their patients is incredibly positive. They’re patients report consistently excellent hands on care and great results.... including not only pain relief but lasting positive changes. In addition, we hear about their uncanny compassion and caring nature. I heard this statement from a patient this week: “Dr. Emily is a life saver”. Their patients look to them as a vital component of lifelong optimal health and wellness. Well done Optimal, it’s nice to see your passion and skill permeate through your patients and see the impact you have on their mission to be active and pain free.
— Mark Bengtson, Owner - Pinnacle Physical Therapy
Awesome experience. They were able to do 25+ DOT Medical Examinations for us quickly and efficiently.
— Patrick G.
I am so impressed with everything about this chiropractic office. Drs. Chris and Emily are fantastic. They are so knowledgeable and explain everything very thoroughly. They are incredible adjusters and I would recommend them to everyone.
— Dr. Laura P.