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5 Reasons to Choose Chiropractic Care

We at Optimal Chiropractic in Post Falls love educating our community in the Coeur d'Alene area about wellness, your health, and chiropractic treatments. There are many different options when it comes to healthcare. When it comes to pain and dysfunction, many people seek care from their primary care or medical doctor. It is, however, becoming more common for people to seek out a more holistic approach to healthcare such as chiropractic care.Here are 5 simple reasons why you should see a chiropractor:

  1. No drugs or surgery

Chiropractic is a safe and natural method of healing. It focuses primarily on the spine and nervous system to get to the source of the problem, rather than treating the symptoms. Every organ and tissue in the body is connected to the nervous system, when there is dysfunction then systems cannot operate at their full potential.

  1. Safe and Cost effective

A single visit, or even a series of visits to a chiropractic office is a fraction of the cost of most surgical procedures to the spine. Chiropractors are trained to recognize and treat dysfunction within the nervous system and musculoskeletal system. When it comes to conditions such as neck pain, low back pain, headaches, and sciatic pain, chiropractors have had tremendous success in helping to alleviate these conditions and many more.

  1. Improves posture

Stress and tension can cause muscles in the neck and chest to become short and tightened. When these muscles become tight, they pull the shoulders forward causing the upper back to become rounded and the neck to protrude forward. This poor posture can lead to neck pain, headaches, upper back pain, even TMJ and jaw pain. Adjustments to the spine release fixated or “stuck” joints in the neck and back which help to release tension in these muscles.

  1. Restores mobility

As mentioned above, joints often become restricted due to tension, injury, and poor posture. Joints that do not move properly will restrict range of motion and not allow the body to move properly. Imagine being unable to turn the head due to neck stiffness or neck pain, an adjustment helps to release the fixated joints and release tension in the muscles helping to hold that joint together. This also helps to relieve muscle spasm and inflammation in and around the joints.

  1. Helps Acute and Chronic Pain

This statement can be explained by all of the statements above. An acute injury may involve muscle spasms, inflammation, pain, decreased range of motion, and so many more symptoms. Treating the source of the problem early is essential to prevent small injuries from becoming serious or chronic later in life. Chronic back pain and neck pain can be treated by restoring movement to joints which have developed arthritis (also known as degenerative disc disease). To remain healthy, movement is essential!

Sciatic Pain Relief Info From Your Chiropractors in Post Falls

Optimal Chiropractic in Post Falls specializes in treating Sciatica.  We provide pain relief and management for patients suffering from irritation and damage to the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the longest and widest single nerve in the human body. It is made up of smaller nerve fibers which come from both the lumbar spine and sacrum. It travels down the entire length of the back of the leg, activating many different muscles and areas of the skin along the way. The sciatic nerve is broken down in to branches as it travels in to the lower leg which allow it to supply structures all the way in to the feet.So what exactly is Sciatica? Basically, sciatica is a term used to describe any type of irritation of the sciatic nerve. It is typically associated with pain in the buttocks or down the back of the leg, there may also be numbness or tingling present as well. The causes of sciatic nerve pain can vary as well. A herniated disc, arthritis, or degeneration of the spine may cause compression of one of the branches which contribute to the sciatic nerve. Muscles along the course of the sciatic nerve may also cause symptoms of sciatica, the most common is the piriformis muscle in a condition called Piriformis Syndrome.The piriformis muscle is a muscle which stretches from the sacrum to the top of the femur where it attaches to the pelvis. The sciatic nerve and branches of the nerve pass underneath this muscle as it makes its way down the back of the leg. In some cases, the sciatic nerve can even directly pass through the piriformis muscle rather than under it. When this muscle becomes tightened, it can compress the sciatic nerve causing irritation and decreased function.Muscle tightness and compression can occur for a variety of reasons. The glutes are the larger muscles in the hip and buttock area, and often times when they are weak or underactive, the smaller muscles such as the Piriformis need to engage in order to help out with movement. When this happens, the smaller muscles eventually may become overactive and tight.There are many different treatment options for Sciatica. The doctors at Optimal Chiropractic in Post Falls, Idaho take a very hands on approach to the treatment for sciatic nerve pain relief. Often times, adjustments to the spine and pelvis can significantly decrease the symptoms of sciatic pain. We also incorporate many deep tissue techniques and exercises to address overworked and underactive muscles and tissues to aid in faster recovery.

What Causes Low Back Pain? | Optimal Chiropractic Post Falls

back pain optimal post fallsThere are many contributing causes to low back pain. One of the most common or most talked about is a disc bulge or disc herniation of the lumbar spine. There are significant differences when it comes to injury and the severity of damage that can be done to the discs, which we will discuss in more depth.To make things simple, discs in the spine are made of 2 different materials. The inner portion, called the nucleus, is a “jelly-like” material which is held in place by the outer layer. The outer portion, also known as the annulus, is made up of multiple layers of thick fibers surrounding the nucleus. The fibers of the outer layer are strong, however, can become easily damaged with certain injuries.A disc bulge and a disc herniation are NOT the same thing. A disc bulge occurs when pressure or compression is applied to the spine. The nucleus remains in the center, protected by the outer layer. Imagine squeezing a balloon between 2 blocks, the more pressure that is applied, the thinner the disc becomes. It may also bulge out in different directions depending where the pressure is applied (front, back, center). A disc herniation can occur from the same types of injuries as a bulge, but the severity of the injury is worse. In the situation of a disc herniation, the inner nucleus will actually tear through the outer layers of the annulus.There are 4 different stages severity when it comes to disc injury. The first stage is a bulging disc, as described above. The second is a disc prolapse, or a disc protrusion, where the nucleus material has torn through multiple layers but is still contained. The third stage, known as an extrusion, occurs when the nucleus completely tears through the outer layer. The final stage is called a sequestration. In this case, small pieces of the nucleus may become separated from the rest of the disc and be “floating” in the spinal canal.So how common is disc injury anyway? One study published by the New England Journal of Medicine looked at 98 individuals who were asymptomatic (no back pain), and performed MRI examinations on the lumbar spine. The study showed that 64% of those in the study had some type of disc injury. Out of that who had damage, there were 52% with disc bulge at 1 level, 27% had protrusion, and 1 % had extrusion. 38% of those with disc injury had an abnormality at MORE THAN ONE disc of the spine. Did we mention these people had NO PAIN?!Spinal health and mobility is very important to the overall health of an individual. Joint restriction and compression can lead to significant damage, which can lead to pain and dysfunction. If YOU are ready to take charge of your health and care for your spine, contact Optimal Chiropractic in Post Falls for more information.Also, here's an article from the New England Journal of Medicine about the study on the Lumbar Spine for people with low back pain -