Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Dr. Chris and Dr. Emily of Optimal Chiropractic are no strangers to stress and fatigue. There are many things involved in being a small business owner that cause stress levels to increase, and sleep and physical activity to decrease. The doctors share a few common facts about chronic fatigue syndrome in order to help people recognize the disorder and seek out proper care.From time to time, nearly everyone struggles from being overworked, tired, or unmotivated. Fatigue can be a very normal response to physical activity, certain stressors, or lack of sleep. Chronic fatigue is a condition typically characterized by a debilitating feeling of fatigue for at least 6 months.People who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome generally operate at a significantly lower level of activity when compared prior to their illness. Chronic fatigue differs from fatigue when it cannot be relieved by sleep, proper nutrition, or low stress environment.The specific cause of chronic fatigue varies from person to person. Women between the ages of 25-55 are the most susceptible to chronic fatigue syndrome. There may be links to stress, the immune system, toxins, the central nervous system, or even a virus. It may be caused by lifestyle, psychological, or medical conditions including the following:• Yawn with Alarm ClockAlcohol use/abuse• Depression or grief• Sleep disorders• Iron deficiency (with or without anemia)• Thyroid issues• Anorexia• Cancer• Diabetes• Medications (sedatives or antidepressants)Symptoms vary in each person. Many of which are unexplained and have lasted at least 6 months. Some of these include muscle aches and joint pain without inflammation. Headaches or difficulty concentrating are common, as well as forgetfulness and memory troubles. Many people experience irritability, anxiety, insomnia or other sleeping troubles, and even disturbances in vision. Allergies and food sensitivity are also common.For cases of chronic fatigue, patient history can be one of the most important factors in determining whether or not a patient is suffering from the condition. Treatment options will include increasing physical activity, stretching, massage, chiropractic care, and yoga may also help to balance daily activities. Stress is a common in many who experience chronic fatigue. Try finding a new hobby or outdoor activity to increase activity levels and eliminate fatigue and stress in your life.