How Much Does a Chiropractor Cost?

Dollar signThis is a common misconception among the public in regards to chiropractic care, and unfortunately something we hear on a regular basis. Many people are afraid the out of pocket expense for chiropractic is going to be too high, and as such, will live with pain and dysfunction for as long as possible until they can no longer stand it. Even when it gets to that point, often times they are in so much pain their first stop will be to their medical doctor or an urgent care clinic for some sort of medication to dull the pain.I cannot stress enough how important it is to treat these conditions from the start rather than waiting for them to “go away” on their own. Pain is caused by a direct injury or by dysfunction in the body which has likely been present for quite some time. In general, the longer the problem has been present, the longer it will take to correct it!Many insurance companies have coverage for chiropractic care, some for acupuncture and massage therapy as well! This can significantly decrease the out of pocket cost for the patient in many cases. Have a high deductible to meet first? Even a half dozen visits to a chiropractic office paying completely out of pocket is usually more affordable than a visit to Urgent Care or the Emergency Room, and usually saves a significant amount of TIME and HEADACHES (which, by the way, the Chiropractor could also treat!).Still thinking chiropractic is too expensive? Consider the alternatives…Medication? Surgery? Of course, there is always a time and place for everything. However, are these other options really getting to the root of the problem or potentially causing MORE problems in the future?Mask the symptoms with medication and it allows the current dysfunction to continue.Surgically alter the anatomy and completely CHANGE the function and response of the body.Unsure of your insurance coverage for chiropractic care? At Optimal Chiropractic, we offer a NO COST and NO OBLIGATION consultation and check for insurance benefits. Our goal is to make sure you have ALL the information to make the best decision for yourself and your family! Give our office in Post Falls a call at (208) 777-4305!