Insomnia | Optimal Chiropractic Post Falls

One of the most common and often devastating problems a person can experience is insomnia. This problem can be the cause (and also effect) of many physical and emotional conditions.Each of us at one point or another has experienced some sort of sleeplessness or waking several times throughout the night. For many, this experience is short term. One or two nights of restless sleep when our schedule has been thrown off that will later return to normal. There are millions, however, who suffer with this difficulty almost every night.This can be an incredibly frustrating experience for those who live with this challenge. It can have a negative effect on many aspects of life including poor work performance, difficulty in school, emotional distress, and physical exhaustion.There are many remedies to this problem, some of which have the potential to be dangerous. Sleeping pills often do not work and can become very addictive. If pain or anxiety is the root cause of the problem, medications are simply masking the effects of a deeper issue.It is very important to identify triggers of insomnia to properly treat the condition. Diet related changes can have a significant effect on not only getting to sleep, but staying asleep throughout the night. Often we will have patients keep a food diary and/or a sleep diary to track not only what they are eating, but when they are eating it throughout the day.One other significant technique for insomnia is to simply breathe deeply for five full minutes prior to lying down. The breath should be slow with a full exhale each time. This technique helps to relax the entire nervous system prior to sleep. Regular chiropractic care can also help with insomnia, because it also is focused on optimizing the nervous system. Regular adjustments also help to relieve tension from anxiety and stress, and are also very effective for relief of pain anywhere in the body.For more information regarding insomnia and how it can be treated, please contact the doctors at Optimal Chiropractic in Post Falls, Idaho.